The perfect combination of durability and style

Since stairs are often walked on, their durability and resistance to wear and tear is the first characteristic to look out for. The second is the aesthetic lightness of a prefabricated staircase, which is emphasised by the used special colours and surface finishing.

WPC tread boards are extremely favoured by the market, as they are simple and convenient to install, sufficiently practical, easy to clean, fit in well with any design and are reasonably priced.

Treads can be used for the construction of piers, embankments, for the cladding of catwalks, arranging descents to the river, pier, for the installation of porch steps, terraces.

Our company produces treads for stairs with the ‘Velvet’ surface and anti-slip tape. Currently, only our company manufactures the WPC stairs treads with integrated during the manufacturing process anti-slip tape, which will not allow you to slip on the stairs.

WPC treads are particularly suitable for staircase finishing as well as reinforcing the perimeter of terraces and balconies. The key features of WPC stair treads proposed by our company are its splendid look, durability, convenience of installation and maintenance, safety and functionality.

Our stair treads are provided with an anti-slip tape already during the manufacturing process. We provide two ready-made solutions: transparent or black tape, but on your request, we can also supply yellow tape.

The stair treads perfectly match the EcoDeckProfile terrace boards, as they have the same thickness and are available in the same colour palette. These treads are being fixed with clamps on a composite or metal mounting rail.

WPC stair treads are available in a variety of colours. We propose to our clients to manufacture products according to RAL colour palette.

WPC stair treads have a variety of advantages:

  • durability, wear life is much longer than its wooden counterpart
  • high strength
  • the material is resistant to heat and cold
  • the treads are highly environmentally friendly, harmless for children and animals and have a non-slip surface. WPC contribute to creating a staircase with a high degree of safety different from any other kind of staircase
  • EcoDeckProfile fence boards can be used as back treads, because they are perfectly matched in colour and structure
  • EcoDeckProfile WPC stair treads are easy to clean and require no special treatment, they remain non-slip even when wet
  • resistant to sunlight
  • no tendency to deform
  • an important factor is property to retain its original colour for many years

In our company you can order the WPC stair treads and we always aim to offer the best possible solution for every customer.