Wood Plastic Composite Fences Boards Manufacturing

The perfect combination of durability and style

A composite wood fence is an elegant and eco-friendly hedge which integrates perfectly with any landscape.

Composite wood fence board is an excellent solution for fencing all types of gardens and parks: natural, modern, or classic as well as commercial areas.

WPC fence board is used for fence sections, gates, wickets.

WPC fence board has innumerable advantages, and its aesthetic characteristics remain inferior to wooden fences.

WPC fence boards are ideally suited for all climatic features of any region, especially for volatile weather conditions.

Our company offers a fence board with the surface type ‘Old Wood’ + brushing on both sides. While manufacturing such a board, we emboss both sides with 3D texture ‘Old Wood’, including brushing the surfaces.

Due to this process, we imitate the look of natural wood on the surface of the fence board and make it possible to decorate any area in an attractive style.

Our fence boards combine perfectly with the terrace board and stair treads as they are available in the same colour range.

EcoDeckProfile fence boards made of WPC are available in a variety of colours. We provide our customers with the option to manufacture in accordance with the RAL colour palette.

Wood composite is a universal material with outstanding properties:

  • high strength and durability of the material
  • material is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • its impermeability and water resistance make it extremely easy to clean, even the most difficult and stubborn stains can be removed without great effort.
  • resistant to rotting
  • it will not shatter or warp when exposed to the sun or frost
  • withstands various climatic conditions
  • resistant to termites and insects in general
  • not susceptible to the formation of mould and fungi
  • does not discolour under influence of UV rays
  • simple and convenient installation of WPC fence boards
  • minimal care and maintenance. The maintenance of fences made of WPC is remarkable for its simplicity, the EcoDeckProfile WPC fence board does not require any impregnation agents or protective oils.